“We’ve got time you’ve got the clock !”

When you book the Grand Tour Bonaire with us we will advise you on all the beautiful places the island has to offer and start from there…..

Let’s take an Island map and look at all the options. You decide where we will take you first and you can decide per hour if you want to go to another place or back to your apartment or hotel.

With the Grand Tour Bonaire you are in charge of the destinations and the time we spend.

Some of the options are :

  1. see more of the Town of Kralendijk
  2. be amazed at the Salt mountains & Salt flats & Slave huts
  3. visit the Donkey Sanctuary (*)
  4. have lunch at Sorobon or Jibe (not included)
  5. visit Lake Goto
  6. have a bite to eat at Rose Inn or at Posada Para Mira in Rincon (not included)
  7. visit Cadushi Distillery (only mon-wed-fri)(*)
  8. discover the Lagoen area
  9. and much much more……

Max tour time is 5 hours.

  • Duration                :  min 2,5 hours max 5 hours
  • Price (+/- 2,5 hrs)  :  $150,- (for max 4 people)
  • Price (+/- 5 hrs)     :  $250,- (for max 4 people)
  • Price (+/- 2,5 hrs)  :  $200,- (for max 6 people)
  • Price (+/- 5hrs)      :  $300,- (for max 6 people)
  • Including               :  cold water, soda’s, beer, wine
  • Excluding              :  tax(6%), lunch & snacks

Contact us for more information or to book your Grand Tour !

(*) Our Grand Tour is not available on Cruise ship days, please check availability by sending us an email.

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