South Tour of Bonaire

The Salt flats and the flamingo sanctuary are part of the large wetlands in the southwest of Bonaire.

This area is the most important food source  and habitat for flamingos.

A beautiful blend of economy and ecology. In this area, depending on the season, are between 2000 and 7000 flamingo’s.

Our tour starts in the area of Tera Cora where we will tell you more about the history of the island. Then we drive past the Mangroves where on a nice day you might be able to spot a small group of flamingo’s. Our tour continues towards Lac Bai and Jibe City where will will make a stop so you can get something to eat and/or drink.

Onwards to the wild south coast where the waves splash high against the coast.

And there we will pick up the story about the salt flats, the slave huts and more !

The mezmerising salt flats and mountains will take your breath away while  we slowly head back to Kralendijk.

  • Duration   :  +/- 3 hours
  • Price          : $50,- pp with a minimum of 4 people
  • Including  : Cold water, soda’s, beer, wine
  • Excluding  : tax(6%), lunch & snacks

For bigger groups we have a maximum capacity of 22.

If you want to know more about this tour please feel free to contact us !



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