Bonaire has a large bird population and more and more birdwatchers experience the benefit of being tansported in a silent eco friendly verhicle.

Our Tuks & Shuttles are all electric, silent and eco friendly. In an open air verhicle you can stay seated while spotting the birds or photographing them without disturbing them.

Read more about the special birds on the South coast here.

Birdwatching is a relaxing and patient activity. We offer a Birdwatch tour on our beautiful South Coast where we take the time and stop where you want and how long you want to.

  • Duration                :  min 2,5 hours max 5 hours
  • Price (+/- 2,5 hrs)  :  $150,- (for max 4 people)
  • Price (+/- 5 hrs)     :  $250,- (for max 4 people)
  • Price (+/- 2,5 hrs)  :  $200,- (for max 6 people)
  • Price (+/- 5hrs)      :  $300,- (for max 6 people)
  • Including               :  cold water, soda’s, beer, wine
  • Excluding              :  lunch & snacks

For more information please contact us !

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