We are Jasper and Hans, an Antillean/Dutch couple. Our love for Bonaire is rooted in Jasper's ancestry: his family has been living on Bonaire since ages. In 2016 we left the hustle and bustle of our hometown, Amsterdam, behind and settled on Bonaire. The peace and tranquility, the amazing blue water, the mesmerizing landscapes and the ever-lasting sun... we can't get enough of it!

We want to share our experience and enthusiasm with everyone who visits Bonaire. And more importantly, we do that in an eco-friendly way to make sure that our next generations have that equal chance to enjoy our beautiful island! So please be welcome and join us on a wonderful, green-and-clean tour!


We have a fantastic team of certified guides who will join you on your tour. Each guide is fluent in at least two of the following languages (English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Papiamentu) so we can provide you with a tour in the comfort of your own language. Apart from sharing his/her knowledge about the history, nature and culture, your guide will also share his/her own experience of living on Bonaire, which will give you a unique insight on how it is to live on a Caribbean island. Above all, your guide will make sure that you will return from your tour with lots of beautiful memories and a camera full with amazing pictures!


Our fleet consists of two types of vehicles: tuk-tuks and shuttles (affectionally called "big tuks"). All tuks operate on 12 batteries each. We charge them overnight and we can drive for 6-7 hours depending on terrain, weight and wind.

The tuk-tuks are 3-wheeled scooters which seat 4 adults. They are the eye-catchers of our fleet and we lost count of the number of people who wanted to have their picture taken while sitting in the tuk. Please bear in mind that the tuk-tuks may be not the right choice for you if you are very tall, over 200 lbs (100 kg) or if you have knee- or hip problems, as you will be sitting with your knee above your hip. In such a case we advise to book one of our big tuks.

The big tuks are seven-seaters with three benches holding two adults each and one seat next to the driver. All benches face forward and it is easy to get in and get out of the vehicle. If you have a stroller or a small foldable wheelchair we can take it with us.

No matter which tuk you will be in, they are all emission-free and quiet! Moreover, you will enjoy the natural airco of Bonaire, the prevailing Northeastern tradewind, as the tuks are open-air. As a bonus, you can take beautiful pictures right from your seat without that annoying reflection of windows. Join us for the best tour you have ever had!