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Duration:        3 hours

Price:              US$ 75 per person (minimum 2 persons)

Included:        cold water*, sodas, beer

*We encourage our guests to bring their own reusable waterbottle. You can also buy a bottle from us. Click here for more information.

This tour can also be combined with our South tour!

Contact us for more information and reservations.

Culture and nature, that is the North of Bonaire in a nutshell.

After a short introduction about Bonaire you will start with an amazing ride along the scenic road along the coast towards Lake Goto in the North. From the roads around the lake you have a fantastic view of the pristine nature around it. There is a pretty good chance of spotting flamingos here!

We continue to Rincon, the oldest settlement of Bonaire and the cradle of Bonaire’s rich culture. You will have the option to see how Cadushi (cactus) liqueur is made at the distillery in the village, or head straight to Mangazina di Rei, the second oldest building on Bonaire (a former warehouse, now a cultural center). Optionally, we can also make a stop at Gruta di Lourdes where you can enjoy a quiet spiritual moment for yourself.

All along the route you will be amazed by the lush green hills and you will see it transforming into a rugged, cactus-filled landscape as we head back to town along the Eastcoast.