Our Tuks

Our Tuk Tuk fleet has 2 different kind of vehicles.  Small Tuks & Big Tuks. All Tuks operate on 12 batteries each. We charge them overnight in 6-8 hours and we can drive them 6-7 hours depending on the weight and the wind.

About our Small Tuks

All our Small Tuks are a four seaters, one bench facing forward and one facing backward. When seated with 4 people you might be “touching knees” a bit. This Smal Tuk accomodates 2 adults and 2 kids (or 4 average sized adults) comfortably. When you are tall, have long legs and/or are over 200lbs you might be a bit uncomfortable on a smaller tuk taking a longer (more then 1 hour) tour. In that case we advise booking our Big Tuk. Also when you have a bad knee, hip or back please consider booking our Big Tuk.

If you have a walking disability and need a stroller or a wheelchair this Small Tuk is not your best option. Have a look at our Big Tuk (below) which might be more suitable to your needs.

About our Big Tuks

Our Big Tuks are 7 seaters with 3 benches holding 2 people and one seat next to the driver. All benches face forward and are easy to get in and get out of. If you have a stroller or a small foldable wheelchair we can take it with us.